Software Solutions

We can provide a range of options, based on your needs and your budget.  This could be something as simple as a customised book-keeping spreadsheet, freeing up the time you spend on the books and completing your self-assessment.  More advanced options include spreadsheet tools to assist in decisions such as most profitable product mix, least cost delivery routes... 

We are able to build dashboards to help you review your data more effectively.

We can also offer advice on suitable software packages, including open source software that won't hurt your finances!

Website Build & Management

We can build a simple but effective website, optimised for mobiles, tablets as well as PCs.  Your website will link with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs.  We offer a range of management packages, depending on how much interaction you intend to have with it.

Business Analysis

We use statistical techniques to analyse your data, giving you insight into how your business is performing.

If you are considering making changes, such as increasing production, we have a variety of techniques to explore 'what if' scenarios.  These include system dynamics, discrete event simulation, and risk analysis.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Mathematical techniques are used to make improvements to areas such as staff scheduling (reducing overtime payments or staff being under-utilised), choosing a product mix that will maximise profit or minimise costs, forecasting future demand, designing delivery routes that minimise the distance travelled... the list is endless.  

If you have a feeling that your operations can be more efficient, we can work out where to make the improvements!


We can also undertake research - for instance, perhaps you are thinking of investing in new machinery, should you buy or should you lease? If you are considering making changes, we can look at different options to aid your decision-making.